Snug Undies
How do I become your friend without looking like a desperate leech? (AnddontsaydontbeanoncuzIknowthatpartcomesfirst)

I dunno!
I am simultaneously agonizingly desperate for affection and acceptance from others, yet frightened by all other people.

J-just try being friendly and understanding, I guess! How much can I ask?

Would you ever draw yourself? Or your own version of yourself

I… don’t want to draw myself, sorry.

i just started following ya but you have great art bro or girl w/e your art is good

Your kind words give me strength!

The Garde Boys: Pole Position Predicament

The real mystery is what they were hoping to accomplish with this.

I'd rather read "The Garde boys in: The mystery of Whirl islands."

Order while supplies last!

Medicham's got them hips to rival many... and the lips to make any man happy. Hinting brow raises.


The Garde Boys in: The Massive Mountains Mission

Buy it today!

Instant punk band name:

"The" and then something explicit.

Every time you draw Kirlia-Fae my day gets brighter and brighter! Thank you for making me smile so much, your work seriously cheers me up..

The pleasure is all mine! Thank you for the kind words, friend.

All the other ballerinas liked you didn't they?

He always came home sweaty and exhausted but never seemed to have any new dances to share….