Snug Undies
when was the last time a gay male pokemon ever try hitting on him?

Has Fae ever accidentally (or on purpose) made a straight male gay?

I’m going to guess “constantly and unintentionally.”

Obviously cargo shorts would be the better way to go, due to their superior carrying capacity.

Do they have… Serperior carrying capacity, though?

Because he pretty much needs it, ohohoho.

Maybe Fae should wear ugly make up.

Sadly, no amount of makeup can hide those luscious curves.

Okay, so Fae's got a capital D. But how is he with his hands?

I’ll put it this way: wear gloves if you shake his hand or you might mess your pants.

Maybe Fae should start wearing a Rocky Helmet to ward off all the molesters.

It turns out that it only encourages them if they think it’s a challenge.

I hear that the gastrodon sisters are very pleasurable 'bread' in a sandwich. =w=~♥


So good, in fact, that they often have problems getting enough “meat” inbetw-


That’s the power of love

I ship these two.

Do you have a favorite NPC trainer class? Does Fae?

I might have to say this cutie-patootie.
Faelyn would probably be too worried about hurting someone’s feelings to name a “favourite.”